You are warmly welcome to Betesda Church. Please feel free to visit one of our morning worship services on Sundays. We have headphones with service translation into English available for you. For more information about services see the calendar and download the latest programme, which features information in English as well as Swedish and Finnish.

If you are intrested in being part of an international group and English language discussions we would recommend IFG (International Friendship Group).

Ekenäs Second Hand Shop is located by the church and has an extensive and of second hand goods as well as helping the wider community.

Beteada Church supports missionaries in Africa, Kosovo, the Middle-East and Europe. We have five godchildren that we support in India and support chidren and youth work in the Betesda Church and other different projects to further the development of social work in our town. One such scheme is the “Merry Christmas Ekenäs” project, which we are undertaking in co-operation with social office in our town. The second hand shops also engages several long-term unemployed people with different work activities.